Chasing Fire Trucks

One time when I was about 19 I was driving around with a friend of mine named John. We’re driving in his old gray Dodge truck. Didn’t have anything to do and we’re looking for somewhere to go and suddenly we got passed by a firetruck going the opposite direction. It was moving really fast at had all the lights and sirens going. We decided since we had nothing else going on we might as we’ll see where it was headed so we turned around real quick started following.


Drove about 5 km I Started noticing an orange glow in the sky slightly in the distance. When we got to the main road I looked across this open field. It was a cow pasture field so there was a clear line of sight to the building that was currently ablaze. It was a Haybarn. Now I’ve seen house fires and I have seen tire fires but man do you want to see something when the barn full of nice dry hay goes up in flames. It’s pretty spectacular let me tell you. You forget the suffering that is going to cause the person who owns the building temporarily because of the spectacle that’s going on before you.


Needless to say if you ever get a chance to fall a firetruck to a fire I say go for even though it’s illegal in some places.


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